CSS Geekery

Ladies and gentlebeasts, I have reached new heights of geekery.

I am proud to announce that after who knows how long of playing with css, I finally understand the Box Model Hack.

Yay me.

Update: I should note that this one small success does not mean that I like CSS, understand it completely and can immediately write cross-browser valid css without a fair amount of swearing and hair-pulling. 'Cos I can't (yet, maybe never?), no matter how much I might wish it were so.

Update 2: I also realise that I'm putting a huge amount of effort into something that it's entirely possible nobody will be impressed with and understand just how much work it's been for me. I suspect the audience will be divided into two camps: those that just see a site that works in their browser and don't think about the effort that's gone into it, and those who look at the code and think "what a pile of shite, I could have done it much better".

I'm still putting the effort in though. It's a geek thing.

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Sorry it's not more food porn - just a small plea...

Would the person who uses Oddpost to read my site please drop me a little note? I've been having a bit of a play with it, but I'd like to speak to someone who has used it a bit more to help me decide whether it's something I want to pay for.


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Dept. of Unintended Amusement

Does anyone else find it faintly scary, but strangely appropriate that the UK Department of Health website is located at http://www.doh.gov.uk/ ?

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New Day, New Design

One of the many things I love and adore about typepad is the ease with which a fickle flibbertigibbet like me can change the design using the template builder.

This current design (my fifth in less than two months) took me less than ten mintes to come up with, and 80% of that was me fiddling with the colours.

I know that I could edit the CSS and do all sorts of clever things, but to be honest, I'm trying to find the limits of the clever things I can do without needing to resort to that. There's just something so neat about a few mouseclicks creating a new design and I'm not done playing with this particular toy just yet.

As always, do let me know if it looks hidously wrong in your browser.

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UK mobile bills set to fall

BBC NEWS says "UK mobile bills set to fall".

We say?

(altogether now)

"Oh no they won't..."

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The Right To Flash

While I can understand the call for The Right To Flash for right-to-left languages, I can't help feeling that it's little more than shouting at dustbins - if it's taken Macromedia this long to get even basic accessibility into flash, I don't see them being particularly motivated to put right-to-left support into it.

Shame really.

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