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This blogging lark...

It wasn't til I found myself doing the Uborka cocktail hour on Friday afternoon that I remembered just how much hard work it is to actually blog, in it's truest form.

The truth is that I just don't have the time (or really, the inclination) to maintain a frequently updated list of sites I've recently visited and comment on them. If I'm honest, much as I attempt to maintain the pretence that I don't do this for anyone but me, I am aware that I have an audience (hello to all three of you!) and I enjoy the feedback... and I just don't think that kind of site would be very interesting, mostly because I don't have the time to browse the web and find the stuff that less than 50 other people have blogged.

I read a fair number of weblogs, and more and more over the last while have found myself drawn to the ones that would fall more into the "journal" category than the "blog" category. Maybe it's because I'm nosy, but I really enjoy reading about people's lives. I love that little glimpse inside someone's head - not dissimilar to a peek inside someone's not-quite-closed curtains as you're travelling home on the bus. In a sense it broadens my horizons - shows me things that are outside my normal daily routine.

Hrmm. This was going to be a post about the politics of blogging and linking, and link-blogging vs personal writing, but quite frankly, I can't get my brain in gear enough yet to dissect it. That, and as with the link-blogs, there are people who do it far better than I, and so I shall leave them to it, and get on with the business of just being me.

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Winter Blues - The Archive

I'm very proud to announce the arrival of:

Winter Blues - 31 Days, 31 Photographs - A countdown to the New Year

Daily photographs will be archived here, along with some information on the photograph, where it was taken, what I was thinking, that sort of thing, so you don't need to worry about missing a picture.

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Big Bloggers Bash

Well, as threatened, S and I did manage to make it to the Big Bloggers Bash after the Thunder Gig.

Unfortrunately, a fair few people had left already, and some of those left were, well, far less sober than I was and so disappeared shortly after I arrived.

It was lovely to talk to (in order of speaking to - well, as far as my memory will carry me) Pete & Karen, Stuart, Tom, Mo, Matt, Cal, Sir Hg, Julius, Darren, Gert, Jackie and Adrian.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to talk to Annie, Robin, Katie, Tom and a whole bunch of other people I saw and wasn't able to get round to speaking to.

I always feel terribly guilty when I go to these events and don't manage to get to talk to everyone - but in my defence, I was knackered after the concert, and my voice was strongly threatening to disappear in high dudgeon at being overworked.

All in all a great night - someone will have to organise another one soon and this time I'll do my best to get there at a reasonable hour so I can be properly sociable.

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That Guardian Blog Competition Thingy

So, I was fairly outspoken last year about my feelings about the Best British Blog thing.

This year, I kind of have the same feelings, although the changes they've made to the format have partly lessened my concerns about it, but not entirely.

I don't know... maybe it's just me... but I really feel uncomfortable putting myself forward to be picked over in detail.

Then there's the entire emotional can of worms it opens up - what if I don't get anywhere? What if I do?


Am I just being silly?

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Calmness is all relative

"Then I get home and find a virus has swept across the land making two out of three females insane. Various events transpire, then one of the two puts the other one of the two to bed and I stand there in the relative calm feeling like a man who has just stuffed a lynx into a mailbox."

Mig always has such a way with words.

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Acerbia Returns

You will all be delighted to know that my esteemed other half, D, has returned to Acerbia, and is now writing again.

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The Devil's Dictionary

Greg Knauss, who was the main inspiration for D to begin blogging, is back, with The Devil's Dictionary 2.0.

This entry is particularly apt.

[via mefi]

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Community Minded

Because I'm feeling a bit community minded today, some links to various typepad whatsits.

Unofficial TypePad User Group

TypePad Users webring

Typepad users listing attempt

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Linky Love

So I decided to play about with my typelists, and, well, I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but I wound up deleting one list before I'd added it's contents back in the other list.

I thought it would be ok because I had all the links open in Firebird... when the universe stuck two fingers up at me and the bloody thing crashed.

So, if you were listed on my sidebar and aren't any more (or if you weren't and think you should be), do drop me a line and let me know.

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