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Nine things which are true and one which isn't

- I have only 29 items in my email inbox at work.

- My middle name is Ermintrude.

- There are 5 different types of cheese in the fridge.

- I'm wearing fishnets (no, not just fishnets, sorry).

- It's my birthday today.

- There is a three-headed dragon sitting on top of my monitor.

- I have survived without an internet connection at home for 16 days.

- I am 28.

- I learned my lesson last year and didn't end Friday night's drinking session with Baileys.

- My new smile has turned into an excessively enormous grin.

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All Change

I've started to write this post so many times I've lost count, because really, I don't quite know how to begin, never mind what to include.

If I had to pick one word to sum up this year so far it would be Change. With a capital C.

I'd love to be able to talk about it all, and in some ways, I wish I'd been able to write about it more while it was happening, but there's just been too much, too quickly, and I'm not even close to being able to pin it down so that I can understand it, far less try to explain it.

In the meantime, I have a new flat to get used to, in a new area I've yet to explore. Each new day brings with it, at the very least, one new experience, and at the risk of out-obfuscating Lyle and Vaughan, there's a new smile on my face.

More soon, I promise, but for now, thank you to everyone who emailed or contacted me to check I'm ok.

I am.

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Birthday Girl


Happy Birthday, minx.

Don't ever forget that you're a gorgeous, confident woman, and that one of these days, the sea of men that are always around you will part, and the one that will love you for who you are will be standing there.

... and don't you dare ever settle for less.

Now comes the party.

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I went to Camden on Saturday, to take some photos for a project I'm working on (and all will be revealed soon, promise).

This is one of the shots I didn't wind up using for the project, but I like it anyway.

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