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Photo Friday: Journey


A few weeks ago, I achieved a long held ambition, and got myself a Lomo LC-A.

It's taken me quite a while to get used to it (and remember to manually change the focus, because pushing the button half-down doesn't work), but I've found that I've been having a lot of fun with it, and managed to get some really interesting shots with it (like this one of Steph's fabulous Prada shoes, which I don't think would have been quite the same taken with my 5700).

The shot this week is something I've wanted to take for a very long time, but had to wait for summer until the light was good enough that I could take the photo from the front of the top deck of the bus, and by the magic of perfect timing, this week's Photo Friday theme is Journey.

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Excellent picture!

(Would have been more impressed if you'd photoshopped the Lomo effect though! ;-D )

Posted by: Dragon | Jun 11, 2004 10:19:16 AM

Cracking photo.

As a still learning photographer, I'm not sure what all the fuss about Lomo is... but then I've not really researched it much.

What attracted you to it?

Posted by: Gordon | Jun 11, 2004 12:24:58 PM

Nice photo, but a bit too 'middle of the road' for me.

I crack myself up, yes I do.

/laughs to himself.

Posted by: Adrian | Jun 11, 2004 1:03:50 PM

I know that Lomos are all the rage and I understand the perspective they can create.

Your photo is wonderful.

Posted by: tangerine | Jun 11, 2004 2:32:05 PM

I adore this pic. Its delicious! I for sure will be voting for this one as my fav for this week on photo friday! Great shot!! =)

Posted by: Jinky | Jun 12, 2004 1:55:31 AM

great shot lol what dificult decisions we have to make before moving on with our journeys in life ah?
loved it

Posted by: Sandra Rocha | Jun 13, 2004 1:08:08 AM

Pictures of deserted streets are very good things.

Posted by: Inspector Sands | Jun 14, 2004 8:03:12 PM

Yay! LC-A's rock, hugely. If I had to throw away all of my cameras except one, the Lomo would be the one I kept. It's been my faithful photographic companion for nearly seven years now, and it's never let me down.

http://ninj4.org/photodump features a tonne of Lomo shots, if you're interested. No photoshop involved. :)

Also, you might be interested in my site at http://moblg.net - photo blogging for your mobile future..

: end spam.

I'm really very happy for you, I promise you'll just love the LC-A more and more and more as time goes on. Beautiful thing that it is.

Posted by: mat | Jun 15, 2004 4:20:34 PM

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