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Photo Friday: Fashion

Steph In Prada

I found myself really wishing I hadn't posted this shot earlier this week, because when I saw today's Photo Friday theme was Fashion, this was the first shot I thought of.

So, a slight re-run, re-posted from the Shoe Project, because really, Steph is always fabulously stylish, and she has Prada shoes, and gets away with wearing massive turn-ups on her jeans, which is currently fashionable, but which would make me just look ridiculous.

Also, because it's another Lomo shot, and because I really like it.

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not sure what I like the most lol the shot or your comments on it, always a pleasure to read :-)
love the soft focus and colors on the photo for sure, well done

Posted by: Sandra Rocha | Jun 19, 2004 11:01:49 PM

you're too sweet. thank you!

Posted by: steph | Jun 21, 2004 4:46:03 PM

Just found this shot on the Shoe Project, left a comment there, but I see now that it's a lomo which explains the refraction. Smashing!

Posted by: Jacob | Jul 22, 2004 9:22:24 PM

hi sandrinha rocha also a portuguese photog...ut let's
both praise this ann great prada shoes shot also in the Shoe project....i'm not a lomo geezzz ( i have a true russian 6x6-6x4,5 Lomo it did a lot of well paid jobs
while i shooted in b&w / now the olympus miu 35mm 2.8 does me snaps greatly my sx-70 and my land camera 340 also perform very well ...still keeping leicas nikon f's
and fe's from the old days just as "souvenirs.".....which are happily forever gone....
still love film edit and get a big 20x30 cm blow up
if y like see my pola portfolio at www.polaroid.com

kisssessssssss young gals


Posted by: andrebonito | Sep 12, 2004 1:17:39 AM

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